A good C++ compiler

If you haven't updated your C++ compiler for a while, then now would be a good time. I can tell you that the following are suitable:

and the following are not suitable:

Boost libraries

I have used boost 1.55.0 and 1.56.0 successfully; I can't vouch for any earlier versions.

There are comprehensive download and install instructions for the latest version here.

Many of the boost features are in headers, but you will need to have compiled versions of:


This is the tool that is used to build boost, so depending on which choices you made when you installed boost (e.g., did you take any shortcuts, such as downloading prebuilt binaries?), you may or may not have Boost.Build ready to go. Just to be sure, follow these instructions. While you're there, you will encounter the command b2. Put it in your command path; you'll be needing it soon.

PostgreSQL (PostgreSQL users only)

If you're going to use the PostgreSQL backend, then you need:

I use version 9.3 of both libpq and the server. I know that version 9.2 of the server is not suitable.

You can get libpq and the server together as part of the PostgreSQL core distribution. Follow these instructions to download and install a prebuilt binary package, or to build it from source, whichever you prefer.

Sqlite (sqlite users only)

I use sqlite; I can't vouch for any earlier versions.

Get a full amalgamation from here. Do not get the library in precompiled binary form, and do not compile it yourself either. It will be compiled automatically later, by the quince_sqlite build process. All you need are the files sqlite.h and sqlite.c, side-by-side in some directory.